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R&D ability


Higo has an experienced and dynamic research and development team, all of whom have the world's first-class automotive wiring harness development industry experience, rich knowledge, and can solve a variety of complex needs;


As for products, Higo has been thinking from the perspective of customers and innovating products with advanced perspective, such as the company's original L615 battery harness, which fills the gap in the market and brings more powerful products to customers. So far, Higo has applied for 43 patents, including 7 invention patents.



In 2018, Higo increased its investment in product development to meet the demanding requirements of customers' increasingly complex technologies.With expertise in materials science research, advanced design methods, and global manufacturing functions, Higo builds reliable solutions to meet the needs of different customers;


In 2018, Higo set up a research and development center in suzhou, China, covering an area of 800 square meters. Higo owns more than 30 experimental equipment, which is used to verify the electrical, mechanical, environmental resistance and other related performance of products.


Our employees, customers, offices and factories are worldwide, and we have high growth sales in the americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. We are committed to becoming the standard in China's connector industry.At Higo, we practice this concept every day. Our team sticks to it and makes efforts to work closely with customers and upstream and downstream suppliers to achieve win-win results.


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