Brand-New Hermaphrodite Connector Mini Q

New-Style Hermaphrodite Connector Mini Q

As the E-Bike market continues to expand, OEMs are paying more and more attention to the appearance and weight designs of their products, while consumers increasingly prefer to products that are stylish and lightweight.

How can the bike look both simple and beautiful?

Apart from the advanced design of the bike itself, making the wiring harness perfectly "invisible" is definitely what every designer favors.

With sufficient customer research and to highly adapt to the market development, HIGO spent half a year on design and testing, then finally launched Mini Q 3-core, 5-core and 6-core signal cables in 2020, with the maximum outer diameter of 6mm! This design is more user-friendly to facilitate threading.

Unique Sense of Design

Being the first to introduce the concept of hermaphroditism to the market, Mini Q became a hit with the public as soon as it was launched. The structure can make the product to be perfectly error-proof, saving a lot of error-proof space and making the product more aesthetically pleasing.

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