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Shanghai Boat Show | Technology Sets Sail for the Future

March 26 - March 29

Asia's longest-running

and influential comprehensive yachting event in Asia.

Shanghai International Boat Show

Grand opening at the Shanghai New International Expo Center

01 Sailing on the blue sea and meeting with the clouds

With its core product lineup, HYCORDER also explores the new path of industrial upgrading together with global customers in this exhibition.

As an important participant in the industry, Haiku not only demonstrated innovative achievements in the design and manufacturing of kilometer waterproof connectors through this international platform but also explored the market potential through exchanges and interactions and collected feedback from various parties, to optimize the product performance and meet the increasing and diversified customer demands.

02 Strength and Diversified Highlights

The exhibition site was crowded with people and the atmosphere was warm and extraordinary. During the exhibition, the Haiku team customized waterproof connector solutions for the customers of electric outboards from coastal areas, which can operate stably under the complicated and changeable outdoor humid environment for a long period with high power and high current, and won unanimous praise and recognition from the customers.

In addition, Haiku products have been tested and verified by authoritative tripartite organizations and successfully obtained the performance certification applicable to the operating environment of 8,000 meters of water depth. This means that the watertight connectors provided by HYGU have extremely high waterproof sealing performance, which can meet the stringent requirements of reliability and durability of products in extreme environments from customers in different fields.

03 Ride the Waves and Harness the Future

In this comprehensive exposition which gathers the cutting-edge technological achievements of domestic and foreign enterprises, HYDRO is riding on the wave of industry development, sharing development opportunities with all exhibitors and seeking common development plans.

Looking ahead, HYDRA will further lay out the emerging track of the marine industry, focus on the comprehensive improvement of product design and manufacturing process, and bring customers unprecedented value experience.

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