HIGO has always been deeply involved in the field of Electric Bike connection applications.Its connectors combines excellent design with high-performance, high-quality, and safety.

It suitable for complex outdoor environments such as vibration, waterproofing, and outdoor temperature differences.

For the cable connection requirements of electric bicycles, HIGO can provide various cable and connection products or solutions which are proven in marketing.

Current supply

Electric motor is one of the core components of electric bicycles, which determine the performance and marketing volume of electric bicycles. Ensuring the stable current supply to the motor in any kinds of environments is the most basic function of the electric bicycle connection.

HIGO motor connector series have characteristics such as high stability and high protection level, effectively responding to complex outdoor environments.

Wiring optimization

One of the solutions to the high appearance requirements of electric bicycles is to use concealed wiring. Simplifying the cable layout and providing convenient cable assembly methods are key requirements for the electric bicycles connection

HIGO have many varieties of splitter and integrated panel solutions, which can optimize cable layout, effectively utilization of space, and help improve vehicle aesthetics.

Charging and discharging

The battery is one of the core components of electric bicycles.Whether it has a fast, simple, and safe battery charging scheme and stable battery discharge management is an important indicator to measure the quality of electric bicycles. Ensuring the implementation of various BMS through charging and discharging interfaces is an important requirement for the connection of electric bicycles.

HIGO battery connector series have characteristics such as large quantity of mating times and high protection level, effectively responding to various of electric bicycles battery

Extension function

The implementation of diversified electric bicycles functions such as cloud interaction requires reliable connection of small electronic components. It is required to achieve real-time current signal transmission/recording.

HIGO signal connector series have the characteristics of small size and high protection level, with a covering 2-15 cores, meeting the needs of multiple extension function connecting


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