The 12pins corner type motor connector,is suitable for connection scenarios that are sensitive to space limitation such as E-bike controller. The pins of male panel mount is at the right angle to the socket,directly connected to the PCB, effectively saving connection space.
Electrical Characteristics
Rated Voltage 48V AC/DC
Rated Current 2A
Withstanding Voltage 500V
Insulation Resistance ≥20MΩ
Initial Contact Resistance ≤10mΩ
Mechanical Characteristics
Mating Cycles 200 Times
Mating Type Push on
Mating and Unmating Force Mating Force 80N Max
Unmating Force 30N Min
Environment Characteristic
Protection Level lP66
Operation Temperature -25℃~+80℃
Other Specification
Maximum Diameter 14.5mm
Mating Length 64.4mm
Contact Material Copper alloy plated with tin
Cable Spec. OD:5.8mm;12×24AWG-PVC
Design Sketch
Applicable Scenarios

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